Fire and Smoke Damage For Home and Business

A fire loss in your home or business can be absolutely devastating.

The last thing you need after experiencing a fire or smoke loss is pressure from the insurance company or the contractor. We are here to provide comfort and service in your time of need and we will always have your best interest in mind. Response time is also paramount. Call us and we will have an industry-trained team respond and be onsite within 60-90 min. Our contractors will also get your home or business rebuilt to better-than pre-loss conditions. We service all homes and businesses along the Wasatch front.

A fire or smoke loss can often prove to be difficult to manage if you don’t hire a professional. Our initial assessment will be thorough so as to not miss Hidden smoke, odor pockets, inorganic staining, off-gassing, and structural integrity loss to building material. And our decision-making process will be entirely industry-professional, and unbiased.

The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can begin to get your home or business secured, deodorized, and repaired.

Our steps for resolving your fire loss would include:

  1. Determine the degree, scope, and extent of damage.
  2. Identify structural safety concerns.
  3. Begin necessary water material mitigation.
  4. Establish a plan for packing, cleaning, and storing personal property.
  5. Remove fire & odor-affected material.
  6. Deodorization.
  7. Rebuild.

Contact us for a free, unbiased assessment!


If you’ve faced the devastating effects of fire or smoke damage, we’re here to help. Our experienced team specializes in fire and smoke restoration, providing prompt and efficient services to restore your property to its pre-loss condition. From thorough assessment and cleanup to repairing and rebuilding, we work diligently to minimize the impact of fire and smoke damage on your home or business.